Since 2016, AUGUST HEAT CO. has done more than refine an old tradition: We've started a new one. Guided by an international palate, we fuse unique fermenting techniques from around the world to create interesting flavors and texture for Hot Sauces and Shrubs. AUGUST HEAT CO. makes everything in small batches from our home state in Florida. To achieve optimal flavor, our products are mostly local and fresh from small US Florida Farms, making every Bottle worth your purchase.



AUGUST HEAT CO. uses organic produce from local farmers in Florida. Even our spices are fresh. Bottling is a preservation process, for us this means taking the extra step to insure our peppers, veggies, and fruit are always fresh and hand selected. To obtain and seal in flavor when preserving our sauces and shrubs in glass bottles with the right ph for safety and stability . These small details are the extra steps taken when creating small batch hot sauces and shrubs.

We want to give our customers smooth , fresh and delicious Hot Sauces and Shrubs. Most of all, we want to expand people’s palates and prove that Hot Sauce and Shrubs don’t have to be bitter or too hot. We say “Flavor over Heat always and sweet balances of acid and alkaline to tempt all pallets”.


“ Gotta have Sauce."

— datil heat Magazine

Datil Verde

The Worlds first Datil Pepper Verde Hot Sauce

Datil Verde is a smooth Datil Pepper Jalapeño hot sauce. Perfectly blended with fresh avocados, tomatillos, cilantro, key limes and spices to create a truly unique Florida Hot Sauce.

Batch :



We are wanted to create another first, so with some serious heat, testing and flavor analysis we came up with this batch! Not only is it the first chipotle datil pepper hot sauce, Its the hottest Datil pepper hot sauce on the market. But being a pioneer has to be more than the first, it has to be the best.

keeping this in mind we needed to create robust flavors, that of smokey chipotle peppers, key lime and of course so many fresh Datil peppers. The outcome? HOT, FLAVORFUL, UNIQUE and did we mention HOT!


Chris and Sarah are passionate about Gourmet Sauces, Spices and Shrubs. Chris was raised in a traditional Large Chicago family. Cooking is what they did in his family home, creating and baking many old family recipes. Sarah was also raised in the Midwest, on a farm in a small town in Michigan. Sarah’s parents Traveled all over the globe introducing her too many types of flavors. Making her obsession for sauce and spices a staple in her palate. Shrubs were a huge interest for Sarah as she experimented with the vinegar process and soon she will share her findings for all.

Dissatisfied with the average hot sauce market, Chris and Sarah started making different test batches. Chris became a bit of a pepper-snob, but thinks that everyone should eat delicious things, so it’s really more of an egalitarian snobbery. Ironically enough in 2018 Sarah and Chris bought the oldest hot sauce shop in St Augustine established over 28 years ago. The Hipster shop is called “Hot Stuff” on Treasury St. in our nations oldest city, in historic downtown St Augustine. And love what they do!